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Strengths-based training for teachers, carers,

parents and more

Child Protection Training

We are passionate about equipping people who teach, coach, or care for children and youth to be the best they can be for our kids.


With an incredible team of experts we provide a full range of live online courses around behaviour guidance, child protection, child health and safety, and more.

From raising awareness to growing capacity our certificated courses make it easy and affordable to upskill and educate yourself, your staff, parents, caregivers, grandparents, whānau carers, and your wider communities.

Make a real difference with positive strengths-based strategies that will help create a safe and inclusive environment where all children can thrive. 


Get in touch today.

From schools and early learning centres to after school providers, holiday programmes, sports clubs, community centres, health, NGO's, parents, and more we offer an independent service to people who are serious about children’s safety and wellbeing.

Through live online learning you will gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Working with Safe for Children is easy, effective and affordable.


With a range of options, you can choose the learning pathway that is right for you.

Behaviour Management Training

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