Compliance with legislation and child safe standards requires ongoing maintenance and improvement, because organisations and the people in them are not static but constantly adjusting.


Sometimes these changes are internal, with new premises, new employees, new workloads etc, and sometimes these changes are external as with new legislation. All of it means that your day to day operations need to be dynamic and the best way to monitor them is with regular audits or reviews. 

Need help with an audit or review?

Internal audits are a powerful management tool for improving and monitoring your systems.


Safe for Children can enable you with the tools you need to effectively monitor and review your systems.


We can also help you check your key operating systems as part of your due diligence. This will help you to see where your processes and systems are working well, and where they need improvement.

If you would like to discuss tailor-made audits or reviews for your organisation, please get in touch today.

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