In-house Training

In addition to having robust child protection and health and safety policies and procedures that help protect children from harm, organisations must also provide education to staff and volunteers on what they can do to:

  • minimise opportunities for harm or abuse through action or inaction to any child or young person; and

  • limit their risk of being the target of allegations or complaints.

Our in-house training will help your organisation, school or childcare centre deal more effectively with any real or potential risk of harm to the children in your care.

Training includes:

Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Training

  • Responding to Child Protection Concerns

  • Staff Selection – Strategies for Success

  • How to Respond to an Allegation of Abuse Against Staff

  • Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online


Health and Safety Training

  • Health & Safety - Safer Sites Safer Children

  • Health & Safety - Safer Excursions Safer Children

  • Developing An Emergency Response Plan When Schools Out

  • Food Control Plan Management

  • Safe Food Handler

  • Pool Safety Awareness

  • Open Water Safety Awareness

  • Child First Aid – Working With Children With Common Medical Conditions


Behaviour Guidance Training

  • Introduction to Assisting Behaviour Change in Children

  • Developing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan

  • Strategies for Challenging Behaviour in Children 10+ Years

  • Working With Children With ADHD

  • Working With Children With Autism

We also offer Master Classes. Training includes:

  • Increasing Engagement With Staff & Tricky Parents

  • Cultural Awareness and the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

  • Plus more!

If you would like to discuss in-house training or consultancy support for your organisation, get in touch today.

Child Protection, Behaviour Management and Health and Safety Training

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