Live Online In-house Training

With over a twenty expert partners already on board, it's never been easier to quickly and effectively manage your professional learning and development needs - live and online.


Our convenient, comprehensive, certificated in-house training focuses on providing staff with relevant apply-today and ‘must know’ information and techniques for equipping you to be your best for our kids! 


The courses available will have your child protection, behaviour guidance, health and safety, and staff well-being training needs covered.

Our live online in-house training includes:

Self Care in these challenging times - a COVID-19 special

Child Protection and Safeguarding Children training

  • Child Protection - an introduction or refresher course

  • Staff Selection – Strategies for Success

  • Responding to an Allegation of Abuse Against Staff

  • Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online


Health and Safety training

  • Health & Safety - Safer Sites Safer Children

  • Health & Safety - Safer Excursions Safer Children

  • Child First Aid

  • Food Control Plan Management

  • Safe Food Handler Training for ECE Managers & Staff

  • Safe Food Handler Training for Schools

  • Safe Food Handler Training for After School Providers

  • Pool Safety Awareness

  • Open Water Safety Awareness

  • Halberg Inclusion Training in a Sport Setting

  • Developing your Emergency Response Plan for OSCAR Providers


Behaviour Guidance training

  • Assisting Behaviour Change in Children

  • Developing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan

  • Strategies for Challenging Behaviour in Children 10+ Years

  • Working with Children with ADHD

  • Working with Children with Autism

We also offer Master Classes.


Training includes:

  • Increasing Engagement With Staff & Tricky Parents

  • Cultural Awareness and the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Te Reo for Beginners

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

  • Self-care and Staff Well-being

  • Plus more!

If you would like to discuss live online in-house training or consultancy support for your organisation, get in touch today.

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