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New Zealand has taken positive steps to safeguard children, with the Children's Act 2014, Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other regulations. 


If you are working with children or young people, getting your head around your responsibilities and ensuring your practices reflect these can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Safe for Children’s services will equip you with the knowledge and pedagogical skills to translate regulations, industry standards, research, policy and curriculum to apply today and must know practices that will simplify processes and cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Ultimately helping improve outcomes for children.

Our full range of services include training (online and face to face), organisational policy/procedure work and audits.


If you would like to discuss our services or a tailormade solution that best fits your needs and budget contact Safe for Children today. 

Teachers, carers, recreation providers, parents, young and old, new and established should be given time to develop; share best practice and train in order to meet the needs of our children. Whether you need training as a legislative requirement or a way to cultivate a culture of continuous learning to help improve outcomes for children, we can help.

Policies and procedures demonstrate your compliance with statutory requirements. Getting your head around writing policies and procedures can be challenging and time consuming though. Whether you need guidance establishing what needs to be covered or keeping your document focused, we can help.

Being critically reflective engages a process of learning and change. It also ensures accountability. A self-audit will help you gain an understanding of your strengths, gaps, and needs. Next step is to act on the findings. If you need help with a self-audit or assistance gathering information for a pending audit? We can help.

Get in touch today to discuss how Safe for Children can help you.

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