The Children's Act 2014, Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other regulations are among positive steps New Zealand has taken to safeguard children.


But if you’re working with children or young people, getting your head around your responsibilities and ensuring your policies and practices reflect these can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Safe for Children is an independent, expert provider of services, tools and training for both child protection and child health and safety. We’re here to equip you to protect our kids.


We offer a full range of services, including training and coaching, audits and organisational policy/procedure work. We can conduct a comprehensive assessment based on your mission, goals and the maturity of your organisation to develop the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Safe for Children can support you to implement strong systems and policies for child safety and protection across four key areas helping your organisation:


Develop policies to prevent and respond appropriately to harm to children and comply with the Children's Act, Health and the Safety at Work Act and other regulations.

Create a child safe environment through implementing child safe and safeguarding procedures that are applied across your organisation.

Place clear responsibilities and expectations on staff and associates and support them to understand and comply with these.

Put in place quality assurance tools for monitoring and reviewing systems to ensure both upward and downward accountability for a child safe organisation.

We will work with you to simplify and guide you through the process of ensuring your policies and practices keep children and young people safe.


Get in touch today to discuss how Safe for Children can help you keep our children safe.

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